Do New York City Parking Violations Bureau
tickets have you seeing RED?

Has the Finance Department of the City of New York
become a unwanted partner in your business?

Fight New York City parking tickets with the legal experience of Irene F. Parrino, Esq. Call (516) 484-2388 for a FREE initial consultation. Irene F. Parrino, Esq. is a former Parking Violations Administrative Law judge who specializes in fighting parking tickets for businesses of all sizes in New York City. Irene F. Parrino, Esq. is a lawyer in New York City who specializes in fighting parking tickets. If your New York City business is suffering as a result of steep fines associated with parking tickets, call the Law Office of Irene F. Parrino, Esq. today! Irene F. Parrino, Esq. has offices in Garden City and in Manhattan to better serve clients who are fighting parking tickets in the New York City area.
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Why spend your time worrying about parking tickets and the cost associated with them? And most of all, why fight New York City alone?

Let Irene F. Parrino, Esq. fight for your company! Our Law Firm has the knowledge to help your company fight and win. You pay a fee only when a parking ticket is dismissed or reduced. There is NO legal fee unless you win!

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