New York City Parking Tips from Irene F. Parrino, Esq.
Do you drive in New York City for work or pleasure?

Follow these 12 simple parking tips to make the experience
more enjoyable and to help us help YOU should
you get a New York City parking ticket!

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Four Ways Your Company Will/Can Save Money

  1. Join the New York City Parking Violations Fleet Unit. By participating in the FREE program you company will receive, on a weekly basis, a listing of all tickets issued to your company's vehicles. More importantly, your company will receive additional time to FIGHT your parking tickets -- PENALTY FREE! Why pay a company to provide this service when your company can have New York City do it for free?
  2. Always respond PROMPTLY to the late notices mailed to your company. DO NOT IGNORE these notices.
  3. When paying parking tickets, always include the ticket/summons number. This will ensure proper payment and credit.
  4. Call the Law Office of Irene F. Parrino, Esq. Her office will FIGHT HARD TO WIN for your company. She helps her clients, both large and small businesses in the Tri-State area, save money, time, and aggravation.

E-mail or call Irene F. Parrino, Esq. at (212) 980-6833 or (516) 484-2388 today.

12 New York City Parking Tips

  • Rather than double park your passenger plated vehicle or otherwise park illegally, the Law permits a passenger plated vehicle to stand at a fire hydrant, BUT the operator MUST BE IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT and be ready to move from sun-up to sunset.
  • You may NOT PARK your vehicle on the sidewalk and this includes the part of the sidewalk that is in front of a driveway.
  • If a meter is missing, you may park in the space but only for the time posted on the parking sign. For example, if the sign permitted one hour parking, you may only park in the space for one hour.
  • You may NOT PARK more than one hour at a broken meter.
  • Do NOT BLOCK the bike lane. Commercially plated vehicles must park along side the bike lane, not in it.
  • Commercial vehicles may not be parked more than three hours on a New York City street, unless you own a Moving and Storage company. If you do park more than three hours, you will be ticketed.
  • Commercially plated vehicles may NEVER DOUBLE PARK in Midtown Manhattan. Midtown is defined as 14th Street to 60th Street (both sides of the streets) between First Avenue and 8th Avenues.
  • Passenger plated vehicles may NEVER DOUBLE PARK anywhere in New York City.
  • A "No Standing" Bus Stop zone is created by the posted parking signs, not the yellow painted line. Do not be fooled! You must look to see if another posted sign is on the block! If there are no other posted parking signs on the block, the bus stop continues until the end of the block.
  • You may NOT COVER your license plates with anything, not even clear plastic license plate covers.
  • Carry a disposable camera in your vehicle at all times. If you are ticketed, document your surroundings with clear photos. Take photos of all parking signs, your meter, and your vehicle's parked position in relation to these signs. These photos may assist us in the future with your case.
  • New York City is a city where tempers can flare very easily. NEVER get confrontational with a ticketing officer. If you're not careful, a simple matter can escalate into a very different legal matter. Accept your ticket without a scene and call Irene F. Parrino, Esq. at (212) 980-6833 or (516) 484-2388 for a FREE initial consultation. You may also send her e-mail by clicking here.
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