About Irene F. Parrino, Esq and the services she offers.
If your company does business in New York City and your
drivers get parking tickets, why pay them? Fight them
with the expertise of Irene F. Parrino, Esq.

Stop paying fines and start saving money today!

Don't let the costs of New York City parking tickets take
a serious bite out of your bottom line.

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The Law Office of Irene F. Parrino, Esq. provides professional legal services to fight and successfully beat those expensive parking tickets issued to your company's vehicles.

The Law Office of Irene F. Parrino, Esq. provides conscientious and prompt legal assistant at reasonable fees. There are no hidden or unnecessary service charges. Your company pays a legal fee ONLY WHEN the Law Office of Irene F. Parrino, Esq. wins! Call today for a FREE consultation.

Unlike other companies, Irene F. Parrino, Esq. will appear personally for your company at the Parking Violations Bureau. She will review each parking ticket to ensure they are valid and she evaluates and presents your tickets in a professional manner.

Irene F. Parrino Esq's. years of experience as a former Parking Violations Administrative Law Judge are invaluable to her success. Her knowledge will help your company successfully fight New York City.

Call today to learn more about the services Irene F. Parrino, Esq. can provide your company. As an additional service, the Law Office of Irene F. Parrino, Esq. commences (when necessary) Administrative Appeals at NO EXTRA COST and a legal fee is paid by your company only when a guilty determination is reversed.

While doing business in New York, your drivers may also be issued moving violations returnable in either Criminal Court or New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Court. The Law Office of Irene F. Parrino, Esq. can handle these tickets for your company at reasonable rates.

Other Legal Services We Provide

The Law Office of Irene F. Parrino, Esq. is able to handle, at reasonable fees, all of your legal issues related to:

        • Red Light Camera Tickets
        • Trucking Violations
        • Moving Violations

We can handle these matters at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, New York City Criminal Court, Village and County Courts

Questions? Call Irene F. Parrino, Esq. today at (516) 484-2388 or (212) 980-6833. Remember, our initial consultation is FREE!

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The Law Office of Irene F. Parrino, Esq.

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